Looking for Singers in Australia

Do you have what it takes?

We are seeking singers to work with us to create

  • Pop songs for radio
  • Writing songs for iTunes
  • showreel

We have a comprehensive program that everyone gets a professional recording and showreel material for agents.

Here is some of our methods explained

Contact Stevie Mac  – smsmackay1@gmail.com

Joe Trigger Productions


When is the best age to start your child for piano

  • 3 years old is the best age to start your child.
  • This is as there are many programs to support your child in this age, and it builds the awareness of rhythm, syncopation, threshold of time allocations and participation.
  • There are less defenses at this age and thus the integration of music into their play time is good right now.
  • If they are five, they may even feel intimidated with younger kids starting before them.

For more information and advice, contact Stevie Mac 0400 841 225